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Links to Sustainable Projects of Interest
Masdar City Ariel Fly Through Abu Dhabi
Active Projects of Development Alternatives Group - India
Alternative/Sustainable tourism - Haiti and Dominican Republic
Anastasia Estates by Sustainability Partnerships
ARCOSANTI a Prototype Arcology
Bear River Solar Aquatics Waste Water Treatment Plant - Canada
Beddington Zero Energy Development in London (Inhabitat) - UK
Berlin Digital Environmental Atlas
Bremen Initiative - Germany
Building Green From Principle to Practice (NRDC)
Building Integrated Wind Turbines
Celestopea Project - City of Dreams 2011
Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) - Projects
China Projects - International Center for Sustainable Development
Community Modeling Center - USA
Creating Livable Sustainable Communities (New Urbanism)
Cuba - Sustainability & Community Development
Curitiba References Electronic Sources and Links
Current projects of the Sustainable Forestry Partnership - USA
Dismantling the cities > Cities taking the lead
Earth Homes - The beginning of styles for the new millennia
Earth Island Institute Project Directory
Earth Pledge Foundation - greenroofs and greenwalls projects NYC
Ecocity Builders Projects Building Cities in Balance with Nature
Eco-city (Ekostaden Malmo) - Sweden
Ecofindhorn - creating sustainable community
Ecohouse - Ecology Center California
Eco-Index -- Project Search
Eco-Logic Design Philosophy (Sim Van Der Rim)
Eco-Resources -
Eden Project ... that celebrates life ...a sanctuary for all - UK
Efficient transportation for successful urban planning in Curitiba
Egyptian Initiative, Model in Sustainable Living - SEKEM
Energy Saving - Reduce Reuse Recycle: Blog
Environmental Projects in China
European Sustainable Cities & Towns Campaign Barcelona City
Global Ecovillage Network GEN Europe
Global Environment Facility Projects
Green Architecture Buildings (architecture.mnp)
Green Projects for a Sustainable World
Handmade Projects and Journey to Forever
Indigo Development - International Industrial Ecology Research
ING-bank Architecture A. Alberts and M. van Huut
International Centre for Sustainable Cities - Canada
International Sustainable World (Project Olympiad)
Kawasaki City: UNEP Project - Japan
Lizuna-house - Case Study - Japan
Middelgrunden Wind Turbine Co-operative - Denmark
Natural Building Project - StrawBale Studio
North Sea Region Projects - Sweden
One World Projects - Rainforest Preservation Products
Organizations & projects of conservation & ecotourism - Domin. Rep
Priority Programme for China's Agenda 21
Project Agastya transforming Bangalore into a Sustainable eco-city
Project on Environment, Population and Security - Canada
Projects-Participants Sustainable Toronto
Purdue Extension - Sustainable farming programs
Renewable Energy Projects - Canada
Solar Energy Projects and Green Power Program
State of The Green, Denmark's Solutions for a Greener Future
Stockholm Environment Institute - Projects and Initiatives
Sustainability: Green Grant Projects - Duke University
Sustainable Agriculture Projects (GRACE) - USA
Sustainable Development at Auroville - India
Sustainable Communities ZERI NM Projects - USA
Sustainable Construction - Finland
Sustainable Development EE Why it Matters - USA
Sustainable House built by Michael Mobbs' - Australia
Sustainable Projects California Green Solutions - USA
Sustainable Projects - Denmark
Sustainable Ireland - A Guide to Sustainability
TakingITGlobal - Action - Projects
The Energy and Resources Institute Projects & Events - India
The International Awards for Liveable Communities
The International Rescue Committee Humanitarian Projects
The Natural Edge Project - Sustainability, Business, ... Innovation
The Venus Project - The Redesign of a culture
Tibetan Village Project
Top Ten Green Projects - The American Institute of Architects
Turning India Vision 2020 into Reality
West Stevenage New Sustainable Town - UK
World’s First Zero Emissions Air Car to be produced in India
Zero Energy Housing Map Asia-Pacific Partnership
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Building, Housing, Urban Development (Links Page)
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Ethical Finance and Investments
Muhammad Yunus - Grameen Bank
ADA Ethical Investments - Luxembourg
Alternative Financial Institutions - Asia
Association for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia
Australian Ethical Investment
Bank Information Center - USA
Cantor Fitzgerald's Environmental Brokerage Services
Community Development Venture Capital
Creating Community Currency
Eco Bank - Shore Bank Pacific - USA
Ecology Building Society - Mortgages and Investments - UK
ENVIRONMENT Life Program (European Commission)
Environmental Finance - Socially Responsible Investment
Ethical and Ecological Screening - The Co-operative Bank
Ethical, Environmental and Social Funds - Canada
Ethical Finance Centre
Ethical Finance Report - UK
Ethical Funds - Canada
Ethical Funds - South Interlake Credit Union - Canada
Ethical Investing Guide - Ethical Finance - UK
Ethical Investing Internet Resources
Ethical Investment Association - Australia
Ethical Investment Co-operative - UK
Ethical Investment Research Services - UK
Ethical Investment Services - Australia
Ethical Investor News Blog - UK
Ethical Money The Guardian - UK
European Investment Bank Promoting Sustainable Development
Finance, Calculators & Investments - The Doctor's Reference Site
Find Partners and Environmental Venture Capital Sources
Foreign Direct Investment - Earth Summit 2002
Global Environment Facility
Global Resource Bank
GOOD MONEY for the Social Investor, Consumer, and Business
Grameen Bank - removing the need for collateral - Bangladesh
GreenMoney Journal - USA
Industrial Common Ownership Finance (ICOF) - UK
Inter-American Development Bank
International Finance Corporation (IFC)
International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
Islamic Finance - Le Monde diplomatique
Microcredit and Microfinance The WWW Virtual Library
Microfinance Gateway comprehensive online resource
Raising Money for Sustainable Enterprises
Rocky Mountain Humaine Investing - USA
Social and Ethical Investing, Consuming, and Businesses In France
Social Investment Forum ...socially responsible investment - USA
Social Investment Organization - Canada
Socially responsible investing.... corporations mutual funds - USA
Socially responsible investing SRI Compass - Europe
Solar Electric Light Fund > for the developing world
Sustainable Asset Management - Switzerland
Sustainable Energy Finance Initiative (SEFI UNEP)
Sustainable Finance - Seeking Global Financial Security
Sustainable Management Fund - New Zealand
Sustainable Performance Group - Switzerland
Sustainable Technology Investments
The African Development Bank Group
The Asian Development Bank
The Ethical Partnership - Ethical Finance, Ethical Investment...
TimeBanks > A New Currency in Community Building - USA
Transaction Net - Complementary Community Currency Systems
Trillium Asset Management - socially responsible investing
Triodos Bank > a social bank - Netherlands, Belgium, UK
UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF)
Venture Capital Sources for Your Green Business
World Bank Carbon Finance Site
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Project related Links and Resources
The Eden Project UK
Best Green Blogs Directory
Business for Social Responsibility (BSR)
Calculate Your Ecological Footprint - Assess your demand on Nature
City Farmer's Urban Agriculture Notes
CorpWatch.Org Holding Corporations Accountable
Currency Exchange/Converter
Directory of Development Organizations
Eartheasy homepage - Canada
Earth, Environmental & Marine Sciences & Technologies (UNIDO)
Earthfuture - Ideas and Links
EcoSystems Renewable Energy Stocks
Envirobiz - International Environmental Information Network
Environment and Energy (ICC)
Ethical Trading Initiative
European DataBank - Sustainable Development
European Sustainable Cities & Towns Campaign/Project
Fiscally Green Canada Green Economics
Global Response - Environmental Action and Education Network
Green Economics Institute - UK
Green Tax Shift - Canada
Growing Planet - Replenishing the earth one tree at a time
ICLEI Europe Local Governments for Sustainability
iNS - internetwork for sustainability
Institute for International Cooperation & Devel. Volunteer Abroad
Institute for International and European Environmental Policy
International Cooperation for Development and Solidarity
International Foundation for Science
International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
Investors & Environmentalists for Sustainable Prosperity (CERES)
ISO 14000, Environmental Management Systems, and Sustainability
Managing a green, innovative, competitive business -
MAYRADA building people's institutions - India
Natural Capitalism-Creating the Next Industrial Revolution
NGOs - India Blacklists 800 NGOs
NGOs - Listing of NGOs affiliated with the United Nations
NGOs - NGO Partnership System - India
NGOs - Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Links (UN)
NGOs - The United Nations NGOs Network
NGOs - World Wide NGO Directory
Renewable Energy Information and Projects (CADDET)
Renewable Energy World News & Information
Small Business Tools - USA
SustainAbility - business strategy and sustainable development
Sustainable Building and Renewable Technologies
Sustainable Cities Network
Sustainable Development in a Diverse World
The Australian Greenhouse Office - Greenhouse Challenge
The Hannover Principles (
The International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development
The International Corporate Sustainability Reporting Site
The Right-To-Know Network
The Sustainable Cooperating and Sharing
Visionary and Practical Solutions for Restoring the Earth - Bioneers
What is Sustainable Development? - IISD
World Vision International Gateway
Zero Emissions Forum

Project related Opportunities
Learning from a barefoot movement: Bunker Roy
Development through Enterprise NextBillion Net
ENVIROBIDNET - Grow you business, Change the world
Environmental Projects ProWorld
Environmental Volunteer Projects Together Green
Environment Canada - Water - Funding Opportunities
Environment Volunteering - UK
Enviro Opportunities IFC Identifying Opportunities
European Commission - Environment - Funding
European Partners for the Environment
Find Partners and Environmental Venture Capital Sources
Funding Opportunities Green Building US EPA
Gambia Help Health Education and Sustainability
Global Knowledge Partnership Foundation
India Rural Development Fund- Environmental Projects
India Sustainable Development Project Funding Partnerships
International Environmental Services Projects (RTI) - India
International Finance and Trust Seeks Viable Green, LEED Projects
International Volunteering Opportunities in India
International volunteer opportunities in Italy
Internship Opportunities Foundation for Sustainable Development
Living Routes - India: Integral Sustainability at Auroville
Looking to invest in green projects NuWire Investor
Online Database and Resources of Indian NGOs, NPOs, VOs
Partnership in Environmental Management for the Seas (PEMSEA)
Projects - India Scaling Up Sustainable and Responsible Microfinance
SDD projects in India LEAD International
Seizing India's Sustainable Investment Opportunities (WRI)
Social and Environmental Volunteering (SE7EN)
Student Opportunities in Environmental Law (UNC) - USA
Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign - Europe
Sustainable Community Development through Travel
Sustainable Consumption Opportunities for Europe Project (UNEP)
UNIDO launches projects worth US$9 M, benefiting industry in India
United Nations (UN) Foundation Partnership Opportunities
Urban Environment Organizations Working for Sustainability - USA
Volunteer in ecoDestinations Ecotourism (TIES)
Wildlife and international conservation volunteering
Working Abroad: Find Volunteer Work Abroad in Over 150 Countries
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Business Ethics, Entrepreneurial (Links Page)

Ecosustainable Projects (aknowledging Elder Brothers)
From The Heart Of The World-The Elder Brothers Warning
Healthy Homes and Eco-Sustainable Interiors
  • Design and development of cost-effective Healthy Homes packages to include sustainable alternative energies, eco-compatible materials, water and effluent treatment systems.
  • Design and development of Interior furniture and furnishing products using natural finishes and materials, sourcing timbers from sustainably managed resources.
Eco-Sustainable Village
  • First stage
  • Construction and development of approximately one hundred units including services, retail and recreation facilities such as swimming pool, health care centre, local arts and crafts centre.
  • Land requirement
  • Approximately 20 hectares for the first stage and an additional 20 hectares for the second stage of development.
  • Construction
  • These units to be constructed with natural materials sourced locally where possible. The interiors and exteriors in eco-compatible natural finishes, forms and colours that harmonise with the local surroundings and environment.
  • Energy
  • Clean energy sources like solar heating, photovoltaic panels, wind, compatible electric wiring, etc. Eco-compatible heating and cooling systems.
  • Waste, water and effluent disposal
  • Internal treatment and recycling package.
Waste to energy conversion (green electricity)
  • Solid Waste Energy Recycling Facility with the annual capacity of 150,000 tonnes of household waste to generate sufficient power for 12,000 households.
  • The technology to have one of the most environmentally sustainable options for the treatment of waste. Separating high value recyclables such as metals, plastics and glass from the organic matter. The organic pulp is then transformed into biogas which is to be used in the production of electricity.
  • Environmental benefits will include; the reduction of landfill putrescible materials, the recovery of high value recyclable materials, as well as substantial greenhouse gas abatement by offsetting the use of methane generating virgin fossil fuels for electricity generation with biogas.
Energy efficient lighting
  • ESD is interested in the development and distribution of energy efficient lighting systems for domestic and public sectors. These systems to include LED, compact fluorescent and high efficiency linear fluorescent lighting.
International centre for sustainable living
  • Ecosustainable living models with infrastructure and facilities
  • Ecosustainable display homes, offices and recreational facilities
  • Ecosustainable education, research and development
  • International exchange centre for sustainability

Eco-Estates/Global Eco-Villages
An Introduction to the Findhorn Foundation
Ecovillages: Thoughts on igniting a revolution >>>
by Reinhold Ziegler and Chris Cogswell
A major key to their long-term success is helping them go from "good idea" to "economic and ecological imperative." Another key to their success is creating designs for a superior way of life that are so compelling to the general public that their adoption becomes but a matter of time. Here are some suggestions toward these ends.
Economic Abundance, Time Freedom, Genetic Potential, and Ecological Integrity
The idealized and emerging ecovillage is a wonderful thing. No doubt permeating modern life with insights and technologies designed to enhance ecological balance and social cohesiveness is a vast improvement over the status quo. However, because of the speed of ecological breakdown on planet Earth, it is essential that we make ecovillages more than a good idea - they must be inevitable, irresistible, and unstoppable, and their proliferation must solve many of humanity's most intractable problems at the same time. Ensuring this requires tapping the two most powerful forces on the planet - Nature and evolution itself.
Life in the 21st century western world is characterized by greed, speed, and scarcity. All around the world people know that there is something wrong with the status quo, but what alternative is there? With the fall of Communism as an (even theoretical) alternative, there is truly no robust challenge to the hegemony of global capitalism; that is, except Nature. While capitalism wars with the biosphere, pitting citizens by design against the interests of their children and grandchildren, ecovillages can offer a powerful alternative, but only by working with, and very respectfully, harnessing the vast forces of Nature. We can unleash the ecovillage revolution without having to beg for money, ask for permission, or wait for decades until the oceans rise and everyone finally wakes up. All we need is to find one person with a few million dollars who wants to help turn things around on this planet (and double their investment).
There is nothing more abundant than a seed, carrying within it the potential for a whole tree which, over its lifetime, will produce countless seeds and other abundance. In fact, for sheer, outrageous excess, Nature knows no equal. By harnessing this abundance through Eco-Estates and added-value production, we can ensure the creation of ecovillages all around the world, for time immemorial. With one investment of $12 million, a "Mother Grove" can be established on 1000 acres of land in need of regeneration by pioneering ecovillagers. Over the next 10 years, imagine if the $200 million in revenues (conservatively estimated) from this grove were apportioned in the following ways: ($ in US Dollars)
$24 million - Investor returns <> $11 million - GEN (or other global co-ordinating body/network) <> $10 million - Mother Grove operations <> $10 million - Mother Grove Ecovillage (self supporting) <> $10 million - Establish Center for Ecology, Entrepreneurship, and Ecovillages to train people in the ways of sustainable agriculture/forestry, ecological business/natural capitalism, and ecovillage design (self-supporting) <> $15 million - Establish global Gaia Bank for ecovillages and their businesses <> $120 million - Creation of 10 new "Mother Groves" around the world, on all continents (interest-bearing investment, repaid over 10 years)
This is not a get rich quick scheme - rather, it is about getting rich slowly but surely, and using the wealth to heal the planet. By the year 2020, with ten Mother Groves around the world, total revenues will be $2 billion, and 20 million trees will have been planted. A precondition for the creation of these Mother Groves would be that they would be required to invest 60% of revenues in new Groves: ten per decade per grove. The exponential growth of these groves would yield over a hundred thousand groves with ecovillages, over 30 billion trees planted, and trillions of dollars in total revenues by 2050. Such a plan would present the world an irresistable alternative to the status quo, and would make ecovillages truly inevitable and unstoppable,
Year # Groves/Ecovillages Global Revenues # Trees Planted To Date <> 2011 11 $200 million 200,000 <> 2021 110 $2 billion 20.2 million <> 2031 1,100 $20 billion 220.2 million <> 2041 11,000 $2 trillion 2.2 billion <> 2051 110,000 $20 trillion 22.2 billion
Such a plan would go a long way toward eliminating money as a limiting factor for the development of ecovillages around the world, and could easily form the basis for an entirely new global currency and economy based on a sustainable, regenerative relationship with nature. This plan would fix carbon massively, thus benefiting the biosphere and helping to reduce global warming. Keep in mind that as these measures are shown to be successful and superior to the status quo, their rapid adoption around the globe could result in figures that dwarf those listed above.
Additionally, a new culture based on sustainable abundance, diversity, co-operation, and the celebration of humanity's genetic potential could be established. Were these groves to also emphasize synergistic, sustainable, high quality nutrient-dense added-value food production, they could be beacons of light for humanity, leading the way toward an era of optimal health, magnificent physical development, and productive/creative longevity. After the assaults of the 20th century, humanity's degenerative spiral could stop, and our physical and spiritual evolution could resume in full force.
(Imagine global codes of conduct that include a maximum 20 hour work week, creative co-operation, celebration of nature, and lots of creative expression, culture, and fun! All made possible by the fabulous abundance of the ecologically designed Groves....)

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